100 billion VNST will be minted in the initial stage



In the initial phase of the project, we approve the issuance of up to 100 billion VNST by Mint to ensure user benefits and minimize liquidity-related risks.

How does VNST work?

VNST operates with a flexible mechanism between Mint (Issuance) and Redeem (Redemption), creating an efficient financial ecosystem. During the Mint process, users can deposit USDT into the VNST protocol and receive corresponding VNST. This not only introduces a new means of payment but also increases the circulating supply of VNST, bringing diversity and dynamism to the market.

Especially in the initial phase, the project has approved a maximum of 100 billion VNST to ensure liquidity and benefits for participants. This instills trust and confidence in the user community, creating favorable conditions for the sustainable development of VNST.

Additionally, the Redeem mechanism plays a crucial role in maintaining system stability. Users have the ability to convert VNST to USDT through the Redeem process, reducing the circulating supply of VNST. This not only prevents inflation but also contributes to balance and stability in the operation of VNST.

Minting a maximum of 100 billion VNST in the initial phase to reduce liquidity risks

In the initial phase, we set a maximum limit on circulating supply, allowing the issuance of up to 100 billion VNST. The project also establishes robust control mechanisms, implements a tight alert system, and adheres to the latest risk control standards. The goal is to manage liquidity at the most stable level, ensuring continuous liquidity and maximum trust for the VNST user community.

This initial stage will conclude once the total circulating supply reaches 100 billion VNST, marking a significant milestone in the project's development journey.

To enhance liquidity, VNST is implementing a development strategy across multiple chains and networks. Currently, the project is present on the BEP20 network and integrating into the ERC20 network, expanding its reach and providing convenient conditions for the user community to participate flexibly and conveniently.

About VNST

VNST is a decentralized stablecoin, demonstrating transparency through on-chain data and backed by the stability of the most reputable stablecoins worldwide. Committed to providing diverse and convenient choices in the Web3 space, VNST promises to be a safe and efficient financial tool, serving the user community in the Web3 field in Vietnam and globally.

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