Earning APY 12,79% with VNST on Nami Exchange



VNST is pleased to announce the official launch of the VNST holding mechanism, no asset lock required, receiving 12.79% daily interest rate on Nami Exchange.

The Receive Daily Interest program from Nami Exchange is a tool to optimize profits from idle digital assets with interest rates up to 12.79%/year with VNST.

To participate in the program, users only need to do 3 steps:

Receive daily interest: Receive daily interest according to the amount of digital assets stored in the wallet at 00:00 every day (GMT + 7)

The maximum asset level to calculate profit under this program is 200,000,000 VNST.

In case users have any questions about the interest rate program in particular and the use of VNST in general, please contact the VNST team - always ready to support 24/7.

In addition, users can refer to the FAQ about the daily interest program on Nami Exchange here:


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