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Dear VNST Community,

We are delighted to officially announce the strategic partnership between SCI Labs and Fizen, culminating in the seamless integration of VNST on the Fizen Super App. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone, bringing the practical application of VNST into the daily lives of our esteemed users.

About Fizen:

Fizen transcends the realm of a conventional crypto payment application; it stands as a trusted ally, providing users with a seamless and convenient experience when utilizing digital currency for everyday services and applications. Adhering rigorously to the highest security standards, Fizen engages in robust global collaborations with providers, issuing both physical and virtual debit cards. This commitment ensures the highest quality and guarantees the secure and efficient execution of user transactions.


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About SCI Labs:

SCI Labs is a distinguished blockchain incubator organization, specializing in supporting and developing blockchain startup projects within the Web 3 domain. Actively contributing to the development of prominent projects such as VNST, Nami Insurance, and more, SCI Labs, with a passionate spirit, commits to leveraging knowledge, partner networks, and financial resources to deliver value and drive growth for Web 3 projects.


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Benefits of VNST Integration:

The integration of VNST onto the Fizen Super App opens doors to a myriad of opportunities for users. Experience cutting-edge applications and utilities, including P2P transactions, Voucher exchanges, and engagement in services such as Staking and Earning through VNST. Furthermore, users gain the ability to manage and securely store VNST, alongside other crypto assets, in a convenient and user-friendly manner.

About VNST

VNST is a decentralized stablecoin with transparent on-chain data, guaranteed by the stable value of the most popular and reputable stablecoins in the global crypto asset market.

The stablecoins that ensure value for VNST have transaction volume and stability proven over a long period of time, are issued by reputable organizations with proven potential, and are periodically audited. VNST will be a safe, reliable solution, providing diverse and convenient choices and expanding future applications for users in the Web3 field in Vietnam and around the world.

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