Receive 50,000,000 VNST in Tet Holiday




VNST is delighted to bring a special offer to express gratitude to the community in Tet holiday. The program "Receive lucky money" opens up the opportunity for users to receive up to 50,000,000 VNST.

The program consists of two main events:

Event 1: "Make friends" and experience with VNST

  • "Make friends" with VNST through simple tasks like joining the community on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook to exchange and share cryptocurrency stories with the VNST community.
  • Experience how to create and use VNST: Participate and earn points for a chance to receive VNST.

Event 2: Trade by VNST on Nami Exchange

  • Participate in trading by VNST on Nami Exchange and receive lucky money up to 50,000,000 VNST.
  • Enjoy a special 12.79% APY interest rate when users use VNST for trading, buying, selling, staking, etc.

Conditions: Complete tasks on TaskOn.

Program duration: From 26.01.2024 to 26.02.2024.

We believe that the event "Receive lucky money" will bring joy and new experiences in using VNST.

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