Revenue-Sharing Mechanism from Nami Exchange



Within the framework of cooperation between Nami Exchange and VNST, to promote the system to operate effectively and sustainably, Nami Exchange applies a revenue sharing mechanism from NAO Futures VNST trading fees as follows:

  • Share 5% of revenue from NAO Futures VNST trading fees if the 30-day average daily trading volume is below 100 billion VNST
  • Share 10% if average daily trading volume is greater than or equal to 100 billion VNST

Transaction volume and shared revenue are aggregated each month, displayed on the Merchant page of VNST.

This revenue sharing mechanism not only brings financial benefits but also opens up opportunities for sustainable development. Shared revenue will be used to promote the use of VNST through collaborative activities or rewards to users.

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VNST is a decentralized stablecoin with transparent on-chain data, guaranteed by the stable value of the most popular and reputable stablecoins in the global crypto asset market. VNST is designated as a safe, reliable solution, providing diverse and convenient choices and expanding future applications for users in the Web3 field in Vietnam and around the world.

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