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VNST project is honored to be founded by SCI - a leading blockchain incubator, specializing in training and developing promising startup projects in the Web 3 field.

About SCI Labs

SCI Labs is a top-notch blockchain incubator, dedicated to training and developing potential startup projects in the Web 3 field. With a team of passionate and experienced experts, SCI Labs has significantly contributed to the development of numerous advanced projects, including VNST.

SCI Labs' vision goes beyond mere support; it aims to build a decentralized and transparent financial ecosystem. For VNST, the project is among those strongly supported and accompanied by SCI Labs. The SCI Labs team is committed to sharing profound knowledge and extensive experience in the blockchain field, providing favorable conditions for VNST's sustainable and effective development.

About VNST Team

The VNST team consists of leading experts with in-depth knowledge and solid experience in the blockchain field. We are committed to creating a stable and secure financial system for users.

We believe that by developing a decentralized Stablecoin, we will positively contribute to the development of the blockchain financial industry. Our goal extends beyond Vietnam to have a global impact. We strive to build a transparent, fair, and sustainable financial future, not only bringing value to the community but also contributing to the comprehensive development of the blockchain industry.

About VNST

VNST is a decentralized stablecoin, distinguished by on-chain data transparency and assurance backed by the stability of the most reputable stablecoins globally. With a commitment to providing diverse and convenient options for users in the Web3 field, VNST promises to be a safe and efficient financial instrument for the Web3 community in Vietnam and worldwide.

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