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VNST has established a clear development roadmap, divided into two main stages: Proof of Concept and Proof of Technology. Currently, VNST is undergoing phase 2, marking a significant milestone in the development and technology testing process of the project.

Stage 1 - Proof of Concept

In the Proof of Concept stage, the VNST project focuses on integrating with the USDT stablecoin. This choice is based on USDT's robust fulfillment of necessary requirements and its position as the largest market capitalization stablecoin. With a development history dating back to 2014 and trust from the cryptocurrency community, USDT is considered an ideal choice for this stage. As part of the direction, VNST will expand its integration with at least two other stablecoins to diversify options and minimize risks. This not only provides convenience for users but also ensures the project's safety and stability. Controlling the circulating supply below 100 billion VNST tokens in this stage is to manage risks at a minimum level and avoid significant impact on users. Key indicators for evaluating this stage include the volume of VNST issuance, circulating supply, and total volume of cryptocurrency assets traded through VNST.

Stage 2 - Proof of Technology

After completing the key indicators in stage 1 and verifying the demand for VNST from users, the project will transition to the Proof of Technology stage. Currently, VNST is undergoing stage 2 of the project. In this stage, VNST's primary goal is to expand the application of VNST by developing on multiple blockchain networks. Additionally, we will use stablecoins other than USDT to convert to VNST and integrate VNST with various centralized and decentralized financial applications. This includes integrating VNST into centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), as well as decentralized protocols and cryptocurrency wallets used on Web 3.0. The ultimate goal of VNST is to meet all financial service needs through cryptocurrency via VNST. In this stage, we will continue to monitor and measure key indicators to ensure that the utility of VNST is expanded and meets market demands.

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