The relationship between VNST and BAS



Let's explore the relationship between VNST and BAS in this article.

What is BAS?

Binance Application Sidechain (BAS) is a flexible infrastructure supporting developers and node operators to build and operate their own blockchains. BAS facilitates the establishment of an internal system for a large number of users, creating favorable conditions for deploying new applications and services within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

The main goal of BAS is to maintain a close connection with the BNB Chain mainnet. This not only aids in the efficient transfer of data and assets between BAS and BNB Chain but also reduces the burden on the mainnet, enhancing transaction processing capabilities.

BAS plays a crucial role in reducing the network congestion of the blockchain, ensuring that the system maintains high performance and meets the increasing demand for transactions and applications in the current era of cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of BAS in the BNB Chain

Binance Application Sidechain (BAS) sets a new standard for sustainability in the blockchain field and future projects. With its flexible design, BAS is not only an advanced technology but also a comprehensive solution. BAS is a high-performance blockchain with an impressive Transactions Per Second (TPS) rate and low gas fees, solving common congestion issues in blockchain environments.

BAS tightly integrates with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), creating a synchronized and powerful ecosystem. This means that projects owning BAS are not only part of the BNB Chain environment but can easily leverage liquidity and infrastructure support on BSC, including DeFi, Dapps, liquidity, and NFT markets.

BAS receives strong support from the community, with over 1,300 applications deployed across the BNB Chain ecosystem, creating a motivational environment for projects using it to develop and access a large user base.

Why did VNST choose BAS?

BAS is an independent infrastructure that supports and optimizes VNST's operational capabilities. BAS allows VNST to build and deploy a flexible internal system, serving a large number of users without encountering overload issues.

BAS not only helps VNST build a high-performance private blockchain but also maintains a strong connection with the BNB Chain mainnet. This facilitates the transfer of data and assets from BNB Chain to BAS, reducing the load on the mainnet and increasing transaction processing capabilities.

BAS is a significant milestone, marking the strong integration of VNST into the extensive ecosystem of BNB Chain, opening up new opportunities and potential for sustainable development.

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