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Collaborating with Merchants is an integral part of VNST's strategy to bring more convenience and better value to users. In this article, we'll explore VNST's Merchant system to understand how it operates.

What is a Merchant?

Merchants are commercial partners with whom VNST collaborates to create a diverse and rich cryptocurrency financial ecosystem. VNST's Merchant system is crucial in diversifying and providing multiple options for users to utilize VNST in various aspects. Specifically:

Exchanges: Collaborating with cryptocurrency exchanges helps create a new trading environment, introduces new trading pairs, and enhances market diversity. Integrating VNST into exchanges also brings numerous benefits such as increased liquidity, reduced risk, and streamlined trading processes for users.

Crypto Wallets: Partnering and integrating VNST into cryptocurrency wallet projects helps users easily manage and convert between VNST and other crypto assets. Additionally, it expands investment opportunities and market tracking for users through integrated investment features within crypto wallets.

DeFi Projects: Establishing partnerships with DeFi projects creates a diverse and robust decentralized financial environment, providing users with many choices and potential investment opportunities.

NFT Projects: Collaborating with NFT projects brings new experiences for users, from purchasing NFTs to participating in auctions and creating unique NFT-related experiences. This helps enhance the value of VNST and opens up new opportunities for users.

Current Merchants collaborating with VNST

Currently, VNST is collaborating with the following merchants:

Nami Exchange

Nami Exchange is VNST's first commercial partner, playing a crucial role in introducing and developing stablecoin. The collaboration between Nami Exchange and VNST aims to provide users with the earliest experience with a new stablecoin, with transparency commitment and convenient transactions. This not only diversifies trading options on Nami Exchange but also creates many attractive benefits for the user community, contributing positively to the development of the cryptocurrency asset market and the Web 3 domain both in Vietnam and globally.

Additionally, listing VNST trading pairs on NAO Futures and Nami Futures products will bring new experiences to users, creating a diverse and rich trading environment.

Read more about the collaboration between VNST and Nami Exchange here.

Fizen Super App

Fizen Super App is currently one of VNST's merchants, playing a crucial role in integrating and developing this stablecoin. The collaboration between SCI Labs and Fizen Super App has provided VNST users with experience opportunities by directly integrating VNST into Fizen's global payment app. This not only brings convenience and benefits to VNST users but also opens up new opportunities for using VNST in daily transactions on Fizen's large platform. This is an important step and a positive contribution to the development of both projects in the cryptocurrency payment field.

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