VNST officially participates in the U2U Spring Hackathon




The talented VNST team has officially joined the U2U Hackathon! This marks a significant step for VNST to share innovative and fresh solutions in the development and expansion across ecosystems, providing the best experience for the user community.

U2U Spring Hackathon: Path to success

The U2U Spring Hackathon is a creative playground organized by U2U Venture Builder in collaboration with Unicorn Ultra, sponsored by the Amazon Web Service (AWS) team. With the mission to create opportunities for programmers and development teams working on potential blockchain projects, the competition promises to be a launching pad for Web3 startups in the Asia region. The U2U Spring Hackathon is a special opportunity for participating teams to showcase their talent and compete for prizes of up to $62,000.

Learn more about the U2U Spring Hackathon here.

About U2U Chain

U2U Chain is a unique and diverse blockchain ecosystem. Unrestricted by a single function, the project focuses on providing various solutions, ranging from education to decentralized transactions, creating an environment that encourages the development of young businesses. Particularly, U2U Chain not only adds value for users but also actively contributes to the global advancement of blockchain technology."

About VNST

VNST is a decentralized stablecoin, demonstrating transparency through on-chain data and backed by the stability of the most reputable stablecoins worldwide. Committed to providing diverse and convenient choices in the Web3 space, VNST promises to be a safe and efficient financial tool, serving the user community in the Web3 field in Vietnam and globally.

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