VNST officially participated in SCI Labs' Incubator program




With SCI Labs, VNST will have additional support from experienced Inspirers and famous partners in the Blockchain industry, from which VNST can expand and develop strongly and quickly.


Since 2008, blockchain technology has advanced significantly. The SCI Labs team has gone through numerous cycles and has extensive knowledge in various areas of this industry. SCI Labs continues to grow, deepen its understanding, and quickly adapt to new market trends, from developing exchanges to providing DeFi and NFT services to constructing worldwide communities.

SCI Labs' mission is to help projects and founders together create technology solutions, to create a Web3 environment that everyone can trust and use informationally and securely. SCI Labs believes that, by supporting startup projects and promoting technology development, we can together create a strong web3 community, building and changing the future of Blockchain technology.

What support will SCI Labs provide?

Connect | Networking

SCI Labs have a wide network and partnerships with leading investment funds in the industry. Thereby, SCI Labs has the ability to introduce and create conditions for crypto projects to access investment capital.

Strategic consulting | Growth Hacking

SCL Labs has a comprehensive team of consulting and support experts to help the project identify necessary steps and develop a clear development plan. Their team of experts will accompany this process, providing recommendations, solutions and tools necessary for the project to reach its goals.

Community Building | Social growth

SCL Labs could suggest solutions and strategies for projects to build and grow communities, from connecting with stakeholders, to building support tools for the development community. A strong and united community is an important factor for the successful development of the Web3 project.

Developing the product | Product Development

With a team of programmers with extensive experience in the industry, SCI Labs helps projects develop and upgrade products in accordance with market trends. In addition, SCI Labs can support personnel directly involved in the product building process.


With support from SCI Labs' capital and resources, VNST will certainly have rapid improvements and development in the near future. Let's look forward to new milestones from us!

About VNST

VNST is a decentralized stablecoin with transparent on-chain data, guaranteed by the stable value of the most popular and reputable stable coins in the global crypto asset market.

The stablecoins that ensure value for VNST have transaction volume and stability proven over a long period of time, issued by reputable organizations with proven potential and periodically audited. VNST will be a safe, reliable solution, providing diverse and convenient choices and expanding future applications for users in the Web3 field in Vietnam and around the world.

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About SCI Labs

SCI Labs goes beyond being a sponsor; we are your companion in the Web3 evolution, aiding startup projects in conquering resource constraints and fostering an environment of creativity.

We believe that the potency of SCI Labs emanates not solely from our resources, but also from our associations with the foremost Inspirators globally. Our focus is directed towards technologies that are not only innovative and practical but also have the potential for widespread adoption.

To join us on our journey to shape Web3, simply submit an application and go through a thorough due diligence process. We’re excited to have you onboard!

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