VNST sponsors 25,000,000 VNST for Solana Consumer Hack 12




VNST is a partner and sponsor for Solana Consumer Hack 12, organized by SCI Labs and Superteam Vietnam, with a contribution of 25,000,000 VNST.

In the spirit of nurturing and promoting young talent within the community, VNST will be a key supporter of the Solana Consumer Hack 12 competition taking place on January 24th-25th, 2024. VNST actively contributes by enhancing communication efforts for the event and providing enthusiastic support to participating teams throughout the competition. Additionally, VNST is sponsoring an additional 25,000,000 VNST to serve as rewards for the emerging talents.

Workshop Series and Solana Consumer Hack 12

The Workshop Series, consisting of 5 parts, commenced with the outstanding success of the first 2 Workshops conducted offline at the Nami Innovation office.

Mr. Nguyen Le Vu Long, CEO of Minswap, presents gifts to enthusiastic audience members in Workshop 1: 'Exploring Blockchain and Web3? Is starting a blockchain startup challenging?”
Workshop 2: “Applications and Impact of Blockchain: Security, Hacking Cases.”

The next 03 Workshops are scheduled to take place online on February 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 2024. Focused primarily on developing advanced skills, the content of these workshop sessions will predominantly cover crucial programming language knowledge.

The speaker for these workshops is Mr. Nguyễn Thái Phương, a talented smart contract developer at Nami Innovation and a mentor at Solana Superteam Vietnam. He has received numerous international awards in programming.

Register to participate in the online workshop series here:

The workshop series aims to equip young talents with extensive knowledge, enhancing their confidence in the journey to tackle challenges at Solana Consumer Hack 12. This is a valuable opportunity for them to develop and assert themselves on the path to conquering their careers.

Register for the Hackathon:

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