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VNST aims to provide a secure and convenient financial future for the Vietnamese community in particular and cryptocurrency market participants in general. Our vision is to be a platform where everyone can simply access, use, and engage in the cryptocurrency world by using the value of VNST. We want to create new opportunities for the global cryptocurrency community in general, and Vietnam in particular, by developing innovative and sustainable digital finance.


Our mission is to provide a safe, stable and convenient financial solution for users, helping them easily participate in the financial technology market. VNST is committed to building and maintaining a stable and quality cryptocurrency technology that is feasible and relative to the exchange rate of Vietnamese currency and USDT, and helps the Vietnamese community improve its understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


  • Commitment: We are committed to bringing positive benefits to the Vietnamese community through the innovation and continuous development of VNST. We are always looking for ways to provide value and ensure trust from our users.
  • Innovation: We are always pursuing innovation and development in technology and products. VNST always adapts to new trends in the industry and is always looking for ways to create new solutions that meet the needs of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Responsibility: VNST always puts user responsibility and safety first. We are committed to complying with regulations and safety standards to protect users' personal information and assets.
  • Engagement: We value relationships and engagement with our user community. We listen to their feedback and always strive to improve our products and services based on it.
  • Transparency: We are committed to conducting our activities in a transparent and honest manner. We will always provide clear and accurate information about our products and activities so that users can trust and better understand VNST.

These visions, missions and core values ​​are the directions and impetus for us in developing and expanding VNST's positive influence in the e-finance community. Through VNST, the project hopes to bring cryptocurrencies closer and more easily accessible to users' daily lives.

About VNST

VNST is a decentralized stablecoin with transparent on-chain data, guaranteed by the stable value of the most popular and reputable stable coins in the global crypto asset market. The stablecoins that ensure value for VNST have transaction volume and stability proven over a long period of time, issued by reputable organizations with proven potential and periodically audited. VNST will be a safe, reliable solution, providing diverse and convenient choices and expanding future applications for users in the Web3 field in Vietnam and around the world.

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