What is VMM? The mechanism for establishing the exchange rate of VNST



In the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency market, understanding the rate management mechanism is crucial. VMM plays a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining the exchange rate for VNST.

What is VMM?

VMM, or VNST Market Maker, is a significant mechanism in the stable financial system. This acronym represents the rate-setting mechanism for VNST, utilizing intelligent algorithms to display accurate and efficient exchange rates.

Within the intelligent algorithm, VNST has developed a dynamic balancing mechanism linked to real-time market transaction rate references. The goal is to ensure the optimal conversion process of value into VNST for users. This creates favorable conditions to determine and represent the value of VNST, helping to maintain the balance of VNST rates against the market rates.

For example, if the deviation between the USDT/VNST rate and the market rate exceeds a 0.5% risk threshold, VMM automatically intervenes by adjusting the deviation. This may involve increasing or decreasing the circulating supply of VNST to ensure immediate stability and balance of the VNST/USDT rate.

With this approach, VMM not only keeps VNST secure against strong market fluctuations but also optimizes the trading experience for users, highlighting the stability and flexibility of this financial system.

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VNST establishes a reserve fund of up to 100 billion VNST tokens.

In the volatile cryptocurrency market, VNST has implemented special measures to protect user rights and ensure liquidity.

The 100 billion VNST reserve fund is primarily focused on the peace of mind of the user community. This measure not only helps maintain liquidity but also provides a robust safeguard against market volatility.

The rate is based on VMM to ensure optimization. VNST chooses VMM (VNST Market Maker) as the primary tool for rate establishment. Through intelligent algorithms, the rate is updated in real-time, ensuring optimal value conversion into VNST for users.

Supporting users during price fluctuations is a commitment of VNST. VNST pledges to assist users in every situation, especially when facing price fluctuations in both USDT and VND.

For detailed information on VNST's user support policy, click here.

With these measures, VNST is committed to creating a stable and secure trading environment, prioritizing user satisfaction and rights.

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