Why should you own VNST?



Have you ever wondered why you should own VNST? In this article, we will delve into the benefits that VNST brings and why it is an ideal choice for investors and the user community.

VNST can be deposited/withdrawn on-chain

One of the prominent advantages of VNST is the ability to deposit and withdraw funds directly on the blockchain (on-chain). This not only helps reduce time and costs for transactions but also increases security and trust for users.

With transaction information recorded on the blockchain, users can easily verify and authenticate transactions transparently. The flexibility and convenience of VNST on the blockchain also provide favorable conditions for asset management and transactions for users. This further enhances the value and adoption of VNST within the blockchain community.

Users have complete freedom to Mint/Redeem

With VNST, users have complete freedom and flexibility when conducting mint (create) and redeem (exchange) transactions. VNST operates based on the Mint (issue) and Redeem (retrieve) mechanisms, two crucial mechanisms that determine the adjustment of the circulating supply of this currency.

Mint (issue): This is the process where users can deposit USDT into the VNST protocol and receive corresponding VNST tokens. The Mint mechanism increases the circulating supply of VNST while making it easy for users to participate in the VNST ecosystem. Initially, the maximum supply of VNST accepted is 100 billion VNST, but this may change over time.

Redeem (retrieve): When users deposit VNST into the VNST protocol and receive corresponding USDT. The Redeem mechanism helps reduce the circulating supply of VNST, avoiding inflation and ensuring the stability of the currency.

Through the Mint & Redeem process, VNST provides convenience and time-saving for users. Additionally, it creates favorable conditions for the sustainable development of the VNST ecosystem.

Learn more about the Mint & Redeem mechanism here: https://vnst.io/vi/blogs/vi-the-difference-between-the-swap-mechanism-and-the-mint-redeem-mechanism

Opportunity to become a Trading Partner of VNST and receive exclusive benefits

Trading Partners are a crucial core shaping the success of the VNST project. By collaborating and integrating with various projects and platforms, VNST opens doors for diversification and sustainable development. Users are provided with opportunities to use VNST in various aspects, from trading to payment for goods and services.

Not only as a stablecoin, but VNST also provides an opportunity for users to become Trading Partners and receive exclusive benefits from the system. This creates attractiveness and encouragement for those who want to participate in the development of VNST.

With a commitment to ensuring all benefits for partners, VNST through the Trading Partner Pool shares profits based on the criteria and values that partners contribute. This motivates both parties and promotes the mutual development of VNST and partners. Through specific policies and agreements, the Trading Partner Pool also rewards partners, creating additional opportunities to increase income and encourage cooperation. This highlights the spirit of cooperation and mutual development goals of both parties within the VNST ecosystem.

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